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represented by Ana Evangelista


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Foot treatment pure copaiba care

Hygiene, care and beauty for the feet

Until now the classic pedicure began with a traditional warm foot bath in a basin. Next came an appropriate treatment for the aching feet.


An ANAEVA foot treatment will give you everything you need in one practical professional set: The disposable set comes with a sock mask (one size fits all) which contains a lotion, made using copaiba oil (plus a disposable nail file and cuticle pusher). 


No need for water baths, no additional foot creams - much easier and faster with ANAEVA “all in one”!



Completely hygienic thanks to copaiba

The foot treatment disinfects feet and nails with its antiseptic effect shortly after application. The completely sterile sock mask is particularly interesting for professional cosmeticians working in spas and cosmetic salons.

The combined effects of our copaiba lotion ingredients leave the feet feeling softer and cleaner.


The sock mask cleanses, disinfects and strengthens the toe nails whilst simultaneously nourishing the skin in one simple step - leading to long-lasting comfort.


The professional pedicure covers all bases - it is a joy to apply and a joy to experience.


represented by Ana Evangelista


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