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Pure copaiba care

The lotion, contained in ANAEVA sock masks, is made using our exceptional copaiba oil, an ingredient from the Amazon in Brazil.


Copaiba oil is known for it’s hygienic, nourishing, beautifying and health-promoting properties. It is the perfect choice when prepping the feet for a pedicure, thanks to its anti-bacterial and disinfecting effects which protect from fungal infections or similar complaints.


Copaiba foot care is guaranteed to intensely moisturize the skin.
It also softens the cuticle, strengthens the nail and promotes nail growth when used consistently.


The results of pure copaiba care are undeniable:

Gorgeously soft, clear skin which appears younger and more radiant, and is soft and nourished to the touch. Healthy and beautiful feet which are the envy of all of your friends. 





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The lotion in the pedicure sock mask for foot treatments also contains other natural ingredients, such as

  • Keratin, which noticeably strengthens the nail and promotes healthy hands - a particularly interesting effect when used on soft, chipped or brittle nails.
  • Urea also has a moisturizing and hydrating effect, which prevents cracks - particularly useful when dealing with dry, cracked and sensitive feet. The skin’s natural moisture levels are increased.
  • Vitamin E minimizes negative external influences (such as UV) and is proven to support anti-aging processes as it supplies the skin with nutrients as well as hydrating the feet.
  • Free of parabens, triclosan, sulphates


A full list of ingredients is available on request.



Made in Brazil according to German quality standards, certified for the European market, dermatologically tested and approved according to German health and safety legislation. Disposable hygiene products are disposed of after use.




For customers of cosmetic salons and spas

Make sure to try the new foot treatment method with copaiba effect - in addition to a professional application in a studio, you can also use the disposable sock masks in the comfort of your own home.



represented by Ana Evangelista


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