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Copaiba -

Copaiba oil comes from copaifera trees (specifically the Copaifera langsdorfii), which grow in the Brazilian Amazon. Copaifera trees grow to be 15 meters high with a trunk spanning between 50 and 80cm. The wood is shiny with a smooth surface. The thick, evergreen, spherical foliage of the copaiba trees, a sub-genus of the Caesalpinioideae family, is particularly attractive and is often adorned with white flowers.


“Lifeblood of the Amazon”

The liquid balsam of the copaifera, which is later made into a gold-brown oil, is extracted from the trunk of the tree. This restorative oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Brazilians, who know of its healing effects, even refer to copaiba as “the antibiotic of the Amazon”.
The Mayans and Incas once referred to the oil as the “lifeblood of the Amazon”. At the time it was popular for being useful for a variety of purposes, bringing with it an array of medicinal but also nourishing benefits.


Soothing and nourishing:
Copaiba oil is a blessing for your skin

The intensely fragrant copaiba oil promises to be a blessing for the skin. It is deeply moisturizing, and absorbs quickly without feeling heavy, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and uniquely silky. It protects from bacteria, prevents fungal infections and potential inflammations and has been proven to be effective when dealing with irritated and sensitive skin.


The skin is more hydrated with increased elasticity and softness, giving a younger, healthier and more radiant appearance.

Copaiba oil is particularly beneficial when used on dry and sensitive skin, as it gives tired skin a much-needed boost and can also delay aging processes, when used regularly.

represented by Ana Evangelista


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