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Manicure and Pedicure

Pure copaiba care for hand & foot Treatments

The ingredients contained in the mask sets for hand and foot treatments are made using superior, high-quality copaiba oil, which has been proven to have a nourishing, strengthening and soothing effect when used on skin and nails.
This product has been developed for professional beauticians, as well as cosmeticians and all others who work in the beauty industry.


ANAEVA care goes by the saying: Why be hard, when it can be so simple?
Impressively beautiful hands and feet for your clients can now be achieved without the arduous task of carrying water baths, let alone the time-consuming cleaning and sterilizing of equipment.

The waterless solution is called pure copaiba care and offers everything from hygiene to an extensive hand and foot treatment to long-lasting skin and nail beauty.


Hand treatment and foot treatment are a new and exciting take on the traditional manicure and pedicure. The high-quality ANAEVA disposable treatment sets for hands and feet, made with copaiba emulsion, replace a complicated procedure and significantly simplify your work as a professional beautician.




Pure copaiba care for hand & foot Treatments - in summary:


  • You save time - this is a fast, effective method for treating the hands and feet.
  • All in one - the antiseptic disposable glove mask/ foot mask is quick & easy to use, safe & clean, no having to fetch basins, no additional creams or oils, no peelings - The disposable sets by pure copaiba care help you save material and energy.
  • The disposable copaiba sets for hands and feet are easy to use and are the ideal product for prepping hands and nails for pampering.
  • The practical disposable set contains: Treatment gloves/ socks with a disposable nail file and cuticle pusher, safely sealed and available for immediate use.
  • Keratin, Urea, Vitamin E and other ingredients perfectly supplement the quality copaiba oil to make a gorgeous lotion, which is antiseptic, antibacterial and 100% hygienic.
  • This product moisturizes the skin, slows or prevents signs of aging, revealing younger, firmer-looking skin with strong nails - what more does one need from an all-in-one treatment with copaiba oil and more!
  • Potential skin irritations or issues such as cracks, calluses or rhagades are gently and effectively treated with the pure copaiba care lotion and soft nails are strengthened - all in all it works as a nutritional boost for skin and hands.
  • The pure copaiba care lotion is free of parabens and ideally suited even for sensitive (allergic) skins. All products and their designs are quality-assured.
  • The natural ingredients of the sets made with copaiba oil and more * (see full list of ingredients) have been dermatologically tested and certified. The are made and processed according to German health and safety regulations. Disposable hygiene products are disposed of after use. All these factors come together to offer your clients a healthy and hygienic experience.

Your clients and customers will be overjoyed! The results speak for themselves: beautiful, firm, healthy skin and strong fingernails.

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represented by Ana Evangelista


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