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represented by Ana Evangelista


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„Pure copaiba care“ has truly made my hands more beautiful, in just a few applications. They were always so dry, now they are so hydrated and firm - brilliant! Thank you! “    

Silke M., Munich


„I have even been approached at the office and told that my nails have become so beautiful - the copaiba oil seems to be working wonders!“     

 Young banking employee, Ottobrunn


„In the summertime, I always worried about showing my feet, and preferred to keep them hidden, as the were so cracked and callused. Now they are gorgeous and I love them! I can’t stop using the copaiba oil.“    

Hilde W., teacher, Munich


„I never liked using a water bath - I always found it awkward and in the way. I believe these disposable treatment socks are a wonderful improvement. The lotion absorbs fully, leaving a squeaky clean and nourished skin sensation“    

Manfred O., Grasbrunn


„For years I had problems with fungal infections on my toe nails. I had tried everything. Copaiba oil and the nourishing lotion by ANAEVA Care helped me so much - and still does. Now it just prevents infections from returning - such a great feeling!“    

Pensioner Ilse B., Munich


represented by Ana Evangelista


Teutonenstraße 17
D-81925 München


t. +49 89 45 34 40 50

f. +49 89 45 34 41 98



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